The town Krystynopil was founded on the lands of setting Novyj Dvir. In 1613 it was firstly mentioned about this small village in monastery books of catholic Bernardine order from Sokal, which patronized the rome-catholic society in Novy Dvir. Feliks Kazimierz Potocki, the founder of the town got the Magdeburg low for the town in 1692, and built the wooden church of Holy Spirit and invited Bernardine monks to take care of Catholics in the town. Soon the fire destroyed the wooden church, that’s why Feliks Kazimierz Potocki began to build new church in baroque style in 1701. Francisk Silezij Potocki got st. relics of St. Klymentiy I, pope and martyr, which was sent to Krym, where he died. Those relics were given by Pope Innocent XIII. The second relic in the church was the part of cross brought from Rome in 1752.

1747 was the year of beginning of the building of Bernardine monastery. The monastery and church make the architectural complex with small yard inside. There was organ in the church, which was installed in 1755. The chapel for relics of st.Klymentij was built from the right side of main altar in 1758. Stanislaw Stroinski, the famous painter from Lviv, painted the walls of the church in 1756 – 1759. Also there was the icon of Flagellation of Christ decorated with silver crown and clothes. Bernardine order also took care of such villages as Borjatyn, Dobrjachyn, Kljusiv, Madzharky, Novyj Dvir, Parkhach, Silets and Zawyshen.

War and post-war periods were difficult for monastery. Father Juri Bieletski came to Krystynopil in 1940. He was the last priest in this monastery. In 1951 Krystynopil became a part of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and monastery with church were used as storehouse of furniture.

In 1988 people began to gather in this monastery for a pray again. This year the authorities of the town gave the destroyed church and monastery to Orthodox Church. The church was restored thanks to donations of natives of the town. Nowadays it is the church of St.Volodymyr.

The Catholics of the town attended Lviv Cathedral during the Soviet period. Rafal Kiernitski was the priest there. In 1991 the authorities of the town registered the Rome-Catholic society and gave it the chapel in Mezhyrichchja, where the Saint Mass took place on Sundays and Holydays. Since 2000 Catholics began to gather in small house in J. Slipyj street. In this house the lessons of religion, meetings with youth and different catholic groups took place.

In 2003 the place for building of new church was bought. The beginning of building process began in 2007. In June 2010 the parochial house was consecrated, so the religious life of Rome Catholics of the town concentrated there.

Today Saint Masses take place there, also children can study religion there, they can learn religious songs, polish language, there is opportunity to attend computer room there. Also there are training room and room for rehearsals of music bands.

The process of building of church still continues and we are waiting for financial support from people who want to help.

We want people to talk with God in this church, we want to form society, which will live with God and which will do everything possible for people to feel safe in our town. We want people to respect each other paying no attention on confession, nationality, race.

Translation Roksolana Surmyak